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RH801P VRX-1 Pro

Overall Length:550mm
Overall Width:440mm
Front Wheel Track:359mm
Rear Wheel Track:359mm
Gear Ratio:1:12.83
Wheel Diameter:140mm
Wheel Width:81mm
Ground Clearance:42mm
Weight:4.5 kgs

This is the PRO version for RH801 VRX-1 and has same features of VRX-1. Below are the special features:

Carbon Fibre Center Diff Upper plate(#85901), Steering Upper Plate(#85902) and Radio Tray(#86902)
CNC cutted 5mm Hard Alum. Front Shock Tower(#86903) and Rear Shock Tower(#86904)
CNC cutted Front and Rear Braces


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